milk rich in zincwhat is zinc benefits-deficiency symptoms-foods sources with zinc

Skin as any organs affected by any deficiency in some vitamins or minerals

and the impact of this deficiency affects skin by many things and one of these

is zinc deficiency as we all need daily from zinc for its important function in

our bodies and for our luck zinc is available in many many foods we eat daily

for vegetarian and non vegetarian people and this make zinc deficiency not

easy to be happen but it may be happen with some people also

Daily zinc needed:

5 mg in infants and children

10- 16 mg after 7 years old

zinc benefits in our bodies:

- Important role in for normal functions of cell, tissues and organs

- Important in regulation of DNA and RNA

- Important for our immunity (body resistant of diseases and problems)

causes of  zinc deficiency:

Alcoholic liver cirrhosis

Intestinal bypass operations



Acrodermatitis enteropathica

symptoms of  zinc deficiency:

Acral dermatitis

Angular stomatitis



Scaling of palms

Impaired wound healing

So to keep you body healthy you should keep on eating some foods that rich

in zinc every day and they are a lot of foods like:

Sources of zinc- foods with high zinc












-brown rice


Just take what you need and do not take much of zinc

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