i recently bought a salicylic acid acne medication and i have gotten more zits

and blackheads on my face. I did the research and this product should reverse

my acne not advance it. should I keep using it or should i throw it away?


salicylic acne products is keratolytic agent have the same or near the effect of

retin a and when you treat acne do not rely on that one product as it will not

give you the result you want and you should now something important about

how acne work

-when acne begin and affect your face it being mild and so no one can stop

acne to be moderate as it happens in most of case as it is simple and noraml in

many disease and so you should go to your dermatologist to give you the full

acne medications like:

-acne cream care

-systemic antibiotics

may isotretinoin if your face liable to have acne scars or for most effective

treatment with good result

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