It’s been almost 3months since i’ve started on accutane. And, I was

wondering about products and symtoms.

I tried sudocrem but, It really ruined my face and i had very sore skin after

that,  So I stopped using it.

Every morning, when i wash my face, i always get dead skins all over my face

then i need to take them away right?

my skin is not oily.
Think, i should do some mask to make my skin relax.

I’ve heard so many times about cetaphils, so I think, i’m going to get cleanser

soon, (already got the moisture)

but, I really get bad bad dark circle under my eyes,,which makes me look


Please advise

Thank you


accutane may havemany side effects on you

but dark circles around eyes have many causes

all you need to do is

- get healthy food

-play some sport half hour /day

- do not stay up late and do much effort

-using some cream used to remove these things

and may uyou use olive oil too nice for that area to keep it healthy

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