I suffer from a very severe, chronic case of WHITEHEADS! I had them for

years now. They have taken over my forehead, cheeks, chin, mouth, and

lower jaw area. I used all but every BP and SA product out there, I’ve gone to

a dermatologist who put me on Retin-A (dosage was increased 3x) and that

did nothing but make my skin 100x worse! I’m now using a Glycolic Acid

cleanser with a 12% Glycolic Acid cream and an oil-free moisturizer all from

the Alpha Hydrox line. I steam my face 2x a week, 15 minutes each and I use

the Aspirin Mask remedy with a little honey as an exfoliator 2x a week. I’ve

been doing this regimen for 5 months now with not one sign of improvment.

My face becomes immune to all but everything I use. I just don’t know what

to do anymore. I have zero self confindence because of this acne. It’s the only

thing people can see when they look at me! I was getting facials/extractions

once a month to help get rid of some of the whiteheads but literally 1-2 weeks

after I’d get the whiteheads removed, they’d come right back, so it was just a

big waste of money. I also suffer from Milia which are the hard, small but

very white bumps around my eyes. And they have been impossible to

remove. I’m now considering a chemical peel or microdermabrassion but

before I waste that money, I need to know if there is something else out there

that will help get rid of this type of acne??? Or I am doing something wrong??

I drink nothing but water all day long and I eat a healthy, well balanced diet.

Please someone help me!

P.S. I’m positive the acne I have is considered whiteheads. I’ve had two

doctors tell me that anyway. But to better describe it (since I don’t have a

picture) they are clusters of small, flesh colored bumps under the skin but are

still visible on the surface of the skin especially in sunlight. So please

someone tell me if it’s call something different. THANKS!!!!


you type of acne consider chronic and even with severe case come with no response to treatment

and when doctors mention no response we should pass all basics in treatment and go directly to the most effective ones

so your choice is like that

- your treatment will be from 3 to 6 months

-using isotretinoin under supervision of your dermatologist

- using something combined between antimicrobial agent and other

- photo dynamic therpy ( this fits you much)

and you should note that

-no irritant soap

-avoid sunexposure

-do not use many product on your face as it will make problem worse as skin

of face is so sensitive and when you use many products you hurt the skin not

cure it

-do not use make up as possible as you can

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