My dermatologist told me to wash face with Brevoxyl (contains BP), apply

Klaron in the morning, apply Differin every other night, and DO NOT USE

Don’t you think it’s unrealistic not to use moisturizer if my skin is so dry from

all this? Also, it’s winter and windchills where I live.
What did you guys use with Klaron and Differin? Did you use a moisturizer?

What brand? In the morning or at night? Before or after you put on Klaron or

Differin? Did you use any “scrubs” to get all that skin off?


may your doctor see something not good while you use it

some doctors feel like some of them prevent of penetrating of the topical

acne cream to the lesion even they are oil free

any way you can ask your dermatologist why?

and the moisturizer good is like :

neutrogina oil free and cetaphil famous one

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