Herpes pictures-images-photos-pics-men-women-eye-mouth

herpes in very common viral skin infection , this skin disease can affect all.

what is herpes-what are herpes:

herpes is viral skin disease can affect all people in any age, with dna virus

typr, can spread from contat infected people

herpes  can affect :

1-  herpes in men

2- herpes in women

3-  herpes in children

4- herpes in kids

5- herpes in babies

6- herpes in infants

7- herpes in toddlers

herpes  can affect many sites:

1-  herpes infection of the eye

2- herpes infection of the mouth

3- herpes infection of the  genital aream

4- herpes infection inside the mouth

5- herpes infection at side of the mouth

herpes types:

herpes can be 2

1- herpes simplex type 1 (in eye-mouth)

2- herpes simplex type 2 (in genital area)

herpes also can affect any age:

1- young people

2- old people

the next herpes pictures show many site affected by herpes virus

herpes picture 1

- man

- 23 years old

- small vesicles blisters in groups

- infection on lips

- painfull sensation

herpes on lips

herpes picture 2

- man

- 27 years old

- ulcerated vesicles and blisters

- upper lips

- comes with painfull sensation

herpes upper lips

herpes picture 3

- boy

- 14 years old

- small vesicles

- under the eye

- painfull sensation and itch

herpes under eye area

herpes picture 4

- man

- 32 years old

-vesicles and blisters

- upper lips

- pain with itch

herpes mouth

herpes picture 5

- man

- 17 years old

- groups of vesicles and blisters

- around and on the mouth side

- pain and itch sensation

herpes side of mouth

herpes is also called blister fever, this skin problem can be treated very good

if early detection and diagnosis by your doctor, the main sites of infection

help in the diagnosis of this skin disease and the treatment may be cream or


herpes treatment options:

1- anti viral cream

2- anti viral pills

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