can i ask what is acn, how i know that i have acne or not, the simple way to treat

it and how many days i will have to wait untill remove acne from my face?


it is not an easy question as alot love to know it in many countries but i will

tell you as simple as i can what is acne and how it can be treated.

acne is chronic inflammatory disease

chronic means take from month to year to can be treated may be increase in

months and may be decreased too.

how to know it is acne or not?

this the job of dermatologist but if you have some pimples on your face,

forehead or back and do not fade by the 5 days . with the age between 13 and

19 so you may said it may be really acne. all you have to do is only one visit

to the dermatologist.

treatment of acne:

it will depend on its severity

mild, moderate or severe

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