I have tried everything including accutane for my acne. I have other issues

like sleeping and I’m only 28. My doctor tested my hormone levels and

found that they are very low…less that 50%. I’m now on spironoloctane and

estro-progestrone. Does anyone take any of these? What can I expect to

happen, and how log will it take? I’m really hoping it will cure my acne!


spironolactone is hormonal treatment of acne as antiandrogen drugs

that reduce acne sebum and so good ones specially people over 25 and with

late onset of acne

have some side effect and course from 3 to 6 months and depend on how

response of you to the treatment

just eat healthy and walk every day half hour in good air place

check your serum electrolytes every month and pottasium level

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