creamBasics of acne treatment

Acne is chronic inflammatory disease and can be treated easy by many

methods. These methods may be cost some money and boys and girls should

be patient a little as the treatment of acne may take between 3 and 6

months .The treatment of acne become easy with available of a lot of acne

treatment products with very good effect on acne. The result of acne

treatment is very good and this result depends on many things like as:

Time of acne:

If the patient (boy or girl) go directly to the dermatologist will give the

doctor good chance to can help him or her so easy with very excellent result

Number of acne lesions:

Every time that the lesions is few will give more good result and most of mild

acne turn to moderate acne in most cases

Pregnant or not:

Will affect decision of the doctor if she is pregnant or not as there is some

acne treatments cannot use with pregnancy

Type of treatment:

Topical or systemic and how much does it will cost? And if he or she can buy

these acne cream and tablets for 3 to 6 months

Acne care tips:

Patient should follow the instruction of doctor and do not give up or boring

from slow result

And from these basic lines of acne treatment will be the good help to have

good result

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