vitamin c benefits-overdose (too much)-deficiency-foods-skin cream : Skin as any organn affected by any deficiency in some

vitamins or minerals and the impact of this deficiency affect skin by many

things and vitamin c is one of most important vitamins for our bodies

and it is available in our life and you can find products and food with it and it

is more common in old age people .

what is vitamin c (ascorbic acid):

vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid

and we should care of taking vitamin C from our diet

Daily vitamin c requirement:

From 5-15 mg can be good enough every day-

-It increases in smoking people and pregnant women and who take aspirin or

corticosteroid medications

vitamin C benefits (what does vitamin c do):

1- important for collagen formation

2- for tyrosine metabolism

3- iron metabolism

4- hair growth

vitamin c antioxidant role:

this one of the best role of vitamin c in our body, vitamin c can do and be like

antioxidant that help our body .

When scurvy happens:

It happens after deficiency in vitamin C intake or inadequate intake from

30-90 days

vitamin C deficiency symptoms:

1- weakness

2- fatigue

3- hemorrhage

4- hematological abnormalities (related to blood problems)

5- hyperkeratosis

6- swelling of the gums and bleeding gums

7- impaired wound healing

Treatment of  vitamin c deficiency (scurvy):

From 300-1000 mg of oral vitamin C daily for 1 week be so helpful

and you can have it from natural food juice or food

vitamin c overdose (too much vitamin c):  vitamin c side effects

people should take the noraml doseage of vitamin c, some people may think

they can take much dose of vitamin c to get the maximum benefits and this

not true as human body take the daily needs of vitamin c . other amout goes

out of human body through urine and the problems from taking too much

vitamin c not big but can concluded in:

1- heartburn

2- vomiting

3- kidney stone (increase the risk of calcium oxalate)

how much vitamin c is too much ?

when people take more than normal dose by megadose vitamin c, and you

can see it in people take vitamin c pills for skin whitening

vitamin C foods – vitamin c sources:

1- lemon

2- orange

3- citrus fruits

4- grapefruit

5- green and leafy vegetables

6- tomatoes

7- peas

8- potatoes

9- green peppers

topical vitamin c for skin – vitamin c face creams:

vitamin c can be in many skin care products as it play important role in skin ,

and many skin care company use it as topical cream or lotion for :

1- skin moisturizer

2- skin whitening

skin whitening by vitamin c can be 2 types:

- vitamin c whitneing cream for skin

- vitamin c tablets (pills) for skin

and the use of vitamin c cream or pills should be done under supervision of

your dermatologist.

Glutathione with vitamin c:

Glutathione is similar to vitamin c as they are 2 antioxidant and have similar

effect on skin as skin whitening but vitamin c is more safe and common using

by many dermatologists.

You can take one orange with lemon every day will be so good for that.

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