Virus is that thing consists of nucleic acid (RNA, DNA) with protein shell.

There is almost 2oo gene of viruses or more. It may be single segment virus

or double segment virus (related to nucleic acid).viruses affects skin and

make it has some cutaneous problems and manifestation.

Types of viruses:

1-human herpes virus (one of the most viral skin diseases)

-human herpes virus-1

-human herpes virus-2

-varicella zoster virus (very painful skin manifestation)


-epstein bar virus

2-papiloma virus

3-pox virus


-molluscum contagiosum (most common in children)

Other viruses:




Diagnosis of viruses:


-hemagglutination assays

-western blots measure

-isolation of the virus in tissue culture

-advances in nucleic acid technology

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