i want to ask about toxic shock syndrome rash. is that fatal or could be treated

with simple way. thanks


first of all we sould know how this disease work:

toxic shock syndrome like any bacterial skin disease can affect any age ,

spead in any part of body  and both men and women. it is caused by bacteria

called staph. aureus infection. the problem in this skin disease not about rash

but about what it do inside your body with other system as it is multisystem

disease. it may affect kidneys, liver, muscles .

it has many syptomes like ;rash, itching, fever, desquamation of skin layers

and erythema with other symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea.

the treatment of toxic shock syndrome rash

-antibitoics with hospitalization care (it is a must to go to hospital) to avoid

multisystem infection or spead of the disease

-treatment of other symptoms like fever , rash. diarrhea

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