the main function of the skin system-sensations-protection.

Skin is worth caring Skin the largest organ of your body A lot of

us when look at morning in the mirror or at evening when they

prepare to go out they always look at their skin look and how their face look

like tired or shine like the moon in sky and how their hair look and may spend

ours in putting things on face or hair to just appear in their beauty for just an

hour or some minutes although every one can be on his way and can show we are all beautiful in

way or another but it always come with the skin

Skin this biggest organ which cover all body and protect all things as it

consider the first defense of your body against many things.

how many functions that skin system has?

some consider it 3 or 4 or even 7 functions of skin.

which things can be prevented by skin functions
protective functions of the skin

1- Environment

2- Pollution

3- Bacteria

4- Viral infection

cooling the body

Keeping the normal temperature of you body

And many things

why skin is mirror of the body

Skin is considers the mirror of your body and show how your inside body

look like

When you have other problems in other organs your skin show some

manifestations related to that problem

Skin problems comes from many things


What we do

What we use

And how long it last

And factors not related to us

Us like what we always do and when we exhausted our bodies in working

Or staying so late at nights

Using a lot of products

Using and trying any thing without cautions

Going under sun for changing our skin colors by wrong way

The main functions of the skin

1- regulation of body temperature

2- prevent moisture loss and other hyrating molecules from the surface of

the skin

3- protection of the body from external microbes and infalammatory


4- sensation to outer things

5- may help in knowing some organ problems

what we will know

So a lot of factors and things affect our skin and we have the top hand of that

by hurting our skin without remember every thing needs rest

Skin needs rest from sun

Skin needs rest from products

Skin needs natural caring

Skin needs to renew itself again

Skin needs rest from makeup

Like we need rest from all the day we work by sleeping almost 8 hours so our

skin too need that rest to can be like we look for again and not comes with its

problem so sometimes the secret of treatment is the protection from the


Really your skin is worth caring

So are you ready to do that for  your self!

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