toddler rashIn summer we all suffer from many diseases because of the high temperature

even forest and woods suffer from it too with its dryness and plants too. the

most common problems all people in all world face in summer is sweating in

men and women and even in toddler or kids and sometimes this sweating

comes with itching and rash.

what is the skin problem with sweating we can see

1- hyperhidrosis

which is called excessive sweating specially in hands which named sweety

hands and in sole which is named sweety foot

it can be treated with avoid sun exposure and best with botox injection

2- sweat rash

called miliaria affect young kids and toddler . sometimes affect adult people

with sensation of itching and cover all body

it is treated with skin wash , calm cream and lotion and in some severe cases

we give antihistamins pils to stop itching


on the other side this problem comes to make people and rare disease to face

summer and hot with just wash body every day many times as they have

problem which is named absence of sweating

Sometimes spicy food in summer make sweating comes more and more

alot of sport activities akso make the same thing

sweat rash pictures:

in the following picture shows sweat rash in arms:

- 4 years old

- boy

- rash on the arm

- small vesicles

-red in color

sweat rash

sweat rash groin- genital heat rash:

this is common place of your body which shows heat and sweat rash, these

rashes can affect the inside areas between the legs and thighs and also genital

areas which called genital heat rash.

diseases may be conflict with sweat rash groin:

- fungal infections which can affect the genital area and appears more

brownish in color

- contact dermatitis or contact ezcema also may be like red area in sweat rash

sweat rash groin treatment:

it should be first diagnosed by your dermatologist and the treatment will be

one of these ways:

1- cool bath

2- avoid heavy clothes and hot temperature

3- using calm cream or lotion, and anti-histamine tablets in itching

sweat rash on face:

sweat rash can be on all body and most common area:

- face

- groin

- abdomen

face sweat rash causes:

- excessive exposure to sun

- excessive sweating in hot teperature climate

how to avoid sweat rash on face:

- putting sun screen lotion before goin out or to work

- using the same methods in treatment we mention in treatment of sweat rash


- wearing hat when going out

- should be know the difference between sweat rash and photosensitivity

problems on face

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