I am 21 and never had acne in the past. It all started mid-April for me. I

started breaking out more and more. Was put on minocycline for 6 weeks

only to have it get progressivly worse. I am also on the same topical that I

have been on for years (benzaclin). The derm has tried almost every other

topical on the market, and now I am on oral antibiotic Bactrim DS (for the

past month). My skin is severely scarred from the past acne red marks, and

the new breakouts (although they have slowed a little bit), are still very


I spent the whole month of May in my house. Didnt leave unless I absolutely

had to, which was only to the doctors basically. I took a medical leave from

my job, and I still have not gone back. I used to love the summer time, but

now I cant be in the heat for more than a minute without sweating and getting

anxious that I will break out more from it. Plus, everyone can see how bad

my face really is during the day.


first i like to say do not have stress as it may increase your acne

acne as you know chronic problem and should you deal with after you advise

your dermatologist and so on

- the treatment should be from 3 to 6 months

- combined topical like (retinoid+erythromycin or clindamycine cream)

- systemic therapy (as your doctor recommend for you)

-isotretinoin as your case not respone to other systemic

and this very important when you choose how to treat acne

do not worry

do not scarred

do not use alot and change alot of product as it will worse the problem not

solve it  as when you start the treatment an stop in the middle it is like you

never begin

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