hand desquamationOne of the bacterial skin disease caused by staph aureu.This bacterial skin

conditions is consider serious one and affects children younger than 5 years

old and after birth  and may be people older than that with low immunity or

with other systemic disease like renal failure

Symptoms of scalded skin syndrome

-Erythema which is very tender and painful

-Wrinkle of skin like the baby is too old-

-Bulla or bullous on skin-

-Detachment of the superficial layer of epidermis

-Dequamation happen too

Site of the problem:




-all the body after spreading

Disease identical to it and should be excluded:

Toxic epidermal necrolysis


By your dermatologist by usisng:

-bacterial culture



- Hospitalization is a must for infant or after birth

- Topical skin care: with antibiotic skin cream


Is very good after 5 days to 15 days with good caring

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