staph aureus infection (staff aureus infection)  pictures symptoms-images-gram


what is staph aureus?

Staph. aureus is a Gram-positive . spherical bacterium, appears in clusters

related  to Staphylococcus.

staph aureus can be in:

1- humans

2- animals

staph aureus on body:

1- staph aureus in noce

2- staph aureus in throat

3- staph aureus on hands

4- staph aureus in wounds

Electron microscope image of Staph. aureus:

appears yellowish in color

staph aureus can affet many foods:

1- meat

2- egg

3- fish

prevent staph infection from food by:

1- clean hands

2- good storage of foods

staph infection (bacterial skin infection caused by staph):

1- Bullous impetigo

2- non bullous impetigo

3- cellulitis

4- acne keloid

5- furuncles

6- boils

7- folliculitis barbe

8- ecthyma

9- Toxic shock syndrome

10- Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome

staph aureus infection pictures:

boils staph infection appears red tender and warm

staph infection boils

staph infection symptoms:
staph infection symptoms in SSSS:

-Erythema which is very tender and painful

-Wrinkle of skin like the baby is too old

-Bulla or bullous on skin-

-Detachment of the superficial layer of epidermis

-Dequamation happen too

staph infection symptoms in toxic shock syndrome:

-acute bacterial skin disease


-skin rash



-multisystem: affect kidneys, liver, muscles


-desquamation after 7 to 21 days


staph infection symptoms in ecthyma:

-One or more bulla and pustule on erythematous area

-comes to crusted

-irregular ulcer may be final lesion

staph infection symptoms in cellulitis:

- Localized pain

- Tenderness

- Swelling

- Warmth of area of lesions

staph infection symptoms in boils:


-itching in some case


staph infection diagnosis:

gram stain  (positive) diagnosed by your dermatologist

staph infection treatment:

1- topical antibiotics

2- oral antibiotics

3- hospital care in severe cases

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