Which have now turned into scabs, pretty much.
How can i speed up the speeding process?

Besides not popping them
Schools starting in a week and I was hoping to be looking my best for the firs

t day.
But I have a few of these pimple scabs around my mouth area.
It’s not unbearable, theres just a few, but I could do without them.


you may spped up your acen healing and scars with your dermatologist by

usign not just only one type of treatment like accutane as example but also

do topical acne care with may be samll dose of other oral antibiotics

But still to have the course between 3 and 6 months is very important

for scars laser can handle all things

for pimple around mouth sometimes it called acne form eruption and may

not acne . it may be perioral dermatitis

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