I am 26 and I am getting small pimples on my face, this I have been noticing

for last few months. They subside when I apply some face pack but my main

concern is that I am continuously getting lot many small pimple (or boils but

no pus, I don’t know the exact term) on my back and shoulder. They don’t

itch but sometimes by mistake they get cuts by my nails and blood comes

out. They look really bad, what can I do to subside them. They don’t subside

even if I apply face pack or some soothing things.

I don’t understand why am I getting this! My diet is pretty normal, it includes

lot of fruits, seasonal fruits, green vegetables, pulses, less oil-butter or

cheese, no alcohol/soft drinks at all and I am 100% vegetarian.

I am not able to understand what are the things that are harming me, I am

not able to figure out what am I allergic to?

Can somebody throw some light on it and help me?


pimples on face may be one of the most common skin propelsm




so the only one can see is you dermatologist

and if that pimples appear on shoulder and back and may be chest so it will be

almost acne disease

so visit your dermatologist

food is good as you mention most is healthy ones that really not bad

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