moisturizing creamMoisturizer (moisturizers, mositurizer, moisturiser) for dry skin :

Dry skin is problem can affect women and men in any age. It

affects men and women more in old age. Many factors help us and

protect our skin against dryness, one of these factors is the water content of

stratum corneum (outer layer in the epidermis in the skin) with the lipid

layers in the skin to keep water and prevent its loss.

When dry skin happen by surrounding environment:

- From bad weather condition like cold and dry air

- From prolonged exposure to sun

- From exceed the limit of showers every day as removing the normal oily

skin substances and cause dryness

- From the work like in dishwashers

When dryness comes from other skin diseases like:

-eczema, psoriasis, xerosis

So it is the time to choose the moisturizer for dry skin

What are the components of moisturizer?

65% -80% in creams and lotions

How it works:

dilutes ingredients, evaporates from skin surface


5-30% in lotions and creams and up to 95% in ointments

(Lanolin, fatty acids, beeswax, cholesterol, petrolatum)

How it works:

occlusive effect to prevent water loss, restore skin barrier


1-2% (stearic acid, triethanolamine)

How it works:

allow water and lipid to stay in suspension as lotion

Active ingredients:

0.05-15% (glycerin, urea, alpha hydroxy acids, sunscreen)

How it works:

attract water to skin, protect skin, and block UVA


0.1-1% (imidazolidyl urea disodium EDTA)

How it works:

prevent growth of microorganism



How it works:

give the product  its scent

How to choose best moisturizer for dry skin:

1- Should be free of irritating substances

2- Should contain sunscreen to avoid sun

3- Should be the most heavily oily based moisturizer ointment as it can last

more times and prevent the skin water loss

4- Should considered if there is acne (as acne do not like oily ointment)

N.b: cetaphil here is just an example

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