skin diseases is that field of medicine related to skin problems and conditions

that affect all people in different ways , different ages

skin diseases and dermatological diseases:

skin diseases is that branch of medicine called dermatology that concern with

skin conditions and doctors who deal with it called the dermatologist

skin diseases can affect?

1- all people

2- all ages

3- women and men

skin diseases in children:

there are alot of skin problem affect children and young babies like:

1- infantile acne

2- atopic eczema

3- sweat rash

4- napkin dermatitis

5- fungal infections

6- impetigo

7- chicken px

8- boils

skin diseases in men:

there are alot like any one but some are more common like:

1- razor bumps

2- pseudofolliculitis barbe

skin diseases in women:

there are alot of skin diseases like men and may have:

1- melasma

2- hair loss

3- face hyperpigmentations

4- acne after hormonal changes

skin diseases in old age:

there are many skin diseases and more can be

1- wrinkles

2- aging skin

3- pemphigus problems

types of skin diseases:

there are many types and variations and we can said we can make it in many

categories like:

1- Eczema and Hand Dermatitis

2- Contact Dermatitis

3- Atopic Dermatitis

4- Urticaria and Angioedema

5- Acne, Rosacea, and Related Disorders

6- Psoriasis and Other Papulosquamous Diseases

7- Bacterial Infections

8- Viral Infections

9- Warts, Herpes Simplex, and Other Viral Infections

10- Superficial Fungal Infections

11- Exanthems and Drug Eruptions

12- Infestations and Bites

13- Vesicular and Bullous Diseases

14- Connective Tissue Diseases

15- Hypersensitivity Syndromes and Vasculitis

16- Light-Related Diseases and Disorders of Pigmentation

17- Benign Skin Tumors

18- Premalignant and Malignant Nonmelanoma Skin Tumors

19- Nevi and Malignant Melanoma

20- Vascular Tumors and Malformations

21- Hair Diseases

22- Nail Diseases

23- Cutaneous Manifestations of Internal Disease

skin diseases diagnosis:

there are many ways and as follow:

1- History of the problem

2- Distribution of the problem , it is all over body or localized to one part

3- Primary lesion identify

4- skin tests

5- diffrential diagnosis: see if there is similar skin problems have the same

symptoms and characteristics

primary slin lesions:







Secondary Skin Lesions



Erosions and Ulcers

Fissures and Atrophy


skin diseases treatment :

depend on every disease

1- topical creams and oinments for superficial ones and small

2- oral pills

3- phototherapy

4- laser

5- cosmetic therapy

6- skin surgery

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