we  are so glad to share this site with every one, in that world to give you simple information on many skin conditions, new lines of treatment, simple way to know what to do and where to go, and of course the cost of any treatment.

This simple guide about dermatology:

common skin problems

1- acne

2- loss of hair

3- Bacterial skin diseases (impetigo, folliculitis, acne keloid, scalp folliculitis, leg cellulitis, staph infection, mrsa)

4- Viral skin diseases (herpes simplex, herpes zoster, chickenpox virus, genital herpes, molluscum contagiosum)

5- psorisis

6- Vitiligo

7- photosensitivity

8- vitamins for skin and hair

9- eczema

10- nail problems

cosmetic dermatology:

1- laser (laser hair removal, acne laser treatment)

2- botox

3- fillers

4- mesotherapy

5- chemical peeling

skin care routine:

1- good skin care

2- dry skin care

3- hair care

4- nail care

5- baby skin care

6- men skin care

7- women skin care

8- skin of color

skin therapy:

1- sunscreen

2- acne treatment (retina, differin, benzoyl peroxide, vibramycin, accutane)

3- cortisone and its use in dermatology

Skin answers

1- how to get rid of acne

2- how to get rid of dry skin

3- how to get rid of pimples

4- how to cure eczema

5- how to cure herpes

6- how to avoid accutane side effects

7- how to get rid of itching

hope you find good answers about what you are looking for!

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