my 2 year old son has a case of moloskin which is  little warts on his stomach

and underneath his groin area. my doctor prescribed RETIN A MICRO to

treat it.

Im concerned if its not too strong to use in the groin area, and if this cream

could harm a male’s organs as i know used in acne


retine a micro is one of the topical retinoid products available in the market

like retin a , retina a micr and acne free. these products have keratolytic

effect work like ti remove layer by layer to make the skin tone and luster and

become normal

some pdoctor recommen this for wart too and some let small little wart to

self limited treatment

and so the side effect you may see is

skin irritations and photosensitivity ( so try to avoid sun as posible untill


no other bad effect of using it

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