My acne started when i was 14 and after a long course of roaccutane

(isotretinoin) it has all cleared up and have not needed to do anything to keep

the acne away for over 2 months now

The problem is I am now 16 and have started shaving. These weird white,

scar-like bumps appear above the jaw-line on my cheek (near to the ear).

Ive had to stop shaving regularly in that area to stop making these bumps

bigger, but i know i can’t carry on like this for long. I am 99.99% sure that

they are not ingrown hairs as i have read about it and what i have doesnt

match ingrown hairs.

Ive also noticed that other people my age that have had acne seem to have

the same problem on the same area of their face (though i have not

confronted them about it). The bumps feel like scar tissue and are NOT

painfull. I cant shave unless i find a way to do so without making these

bumps/lumps any bigger or unless i find a way to get rid of them fast.

Has anyone got the same problem/know what i’m talking about??
Help please!


these things while having during shaving of beard after acne treatment is

sometimes called pseudofolliculitis barbe or false acne . most common places

on beard and sometimes in the area you mention and so all you need to do is

to make these simple things to avoid these alse acne to be injuried

-stop shaving for 1 month

-using electric shaving is more better

-using antibiotic cream to treat these bumps

-do not pick it or scratch

then after that you will be able to do it again

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