Sebaceous glands acne sebum-sweat-causes-hormones. acne is

the most common skin problem needs consulting No

doubt and absolutely acne is one of the most common skin

diseases needs consulting a dermatologist and even one of the most common

skin problems make people ask for help and aid So

1-Do not worry

2-Do not panic

3-Acne is a world wide disease

When someone wake up at morning and look at mirror and find some pimples

or tiny things with black head or white head appear suddenly on his or her

face and then said oh what is that! and sometimes a lot of girls get panic and

screaming So if you find things like that you should do these things

Do not panic

Do not worry

And ask your self these questions :

1-What I will do

2-Who I will go

3-When I should do that

And the answer will be

1-Prepare your self

2-Decide you will face it

3-And go to your dermatologist to ask for his or her help now

Acne (pimples) and sebaceous glands

As we said before acne is the most common skin problem and a lot of us may

not know the substance they always hear about it when we mention acne and

we will say something simple about this substance or this thing called sebum

and its relation to acne . In our bodies there are some unites called

sebaceous units or glands the place where we can find sebum the oily

material or substance come from it like the fat things and it spread all over

our bodies making something like cover of all surface of the body and

through these units the hair pass through it and it is not the same things in all

body but it have some different values or marks from place to place and we

can said there is 4 major types of these

sebaceous glands:-

1-Terminal types:

It found on scalp of your head, beard, eyebrow and axillae . The hair pass

through these units is hard long Acne do not appear or develop or come from

these places as hard long hair let the passage of the sebum free and allow its

passage so easy.

2-Sebaceous type (places of acne):

It found on face, chest, shoulders and upper back

It has large sebaceous units

The hair pass through these units are fine ones

And so the sebum cannot pass so easy and so the problem comes

And in the last 2 examples we see the big difference between the sebum

passage and know why acne appear in the second type places where we can

find big relation between sebaceous units and acne.

sebaceous unit

Acne (pimples) and sebum

After you read the article about the relation between acne and sebaceous

glands or units you should know some about the sebum materials in your

body and what the benefits from it and how it controlled in your body and

what increase it and what decrease it

Composition of sebum

Sebum is complex mixture of lipids

And the lipid cover your skin can be

-free fatty acid



-cholesterol esters

-wax esters


And the sebaceous units in your skin just produce wax esters and squalene

Functions of sebum on your body

-keep your skin hydrated by prevent moisture loss

- protect against fungal infections

-role in body odour (specially we can see it in animals during marriage


Product to measure your sebum

SEBUTAPE Adhesive Patches

Applied to forehead and cheeks for one hour and then you can know how oily

your face is by your eyes or computer analysis

How your body controls sebum

-androgen, progesterone and pituitary hormones lead to increase sebum


-estrogen, glucocorticoids lead to decrease sebum production

Acne vulgaris (pimples) definition, causes:

Acne vulgaris is a chronic inflammatory disease of sebaceous units and it is

the most common skin problem it can affect male and female and about 85

and 95% of people can have acne during their life and it always occurred in

age 14-17 in girls and in 16-19 in boys and it will disappear at age 25-27 and

sometimes it can happen after that ages after 35 and more and acne is not

infectious disease

Causes of acne (pimples)

We can say in simple way acne depend on hormonal changes although all

people pass through these steps in life but some of them suffer from acne  and

pathogenesis and cause can be one of these:

1-Increase sebum production:

as they found that number and size of sebaceous glands in people with acne

more than people without it in response to androgen

2-Ducal hypercornification:

Sebum passes through canal and while increased sebum production from the

sebaceous glands they can form bulging mass which can form microcomedo

3-Proliferation of propionibacterium acne (bacteria):

It is an organism found normally in follicle and plays an important role in

acne formation

4-Inflammation :

process where acne occurs.

Factors that can be important causes:

1-Genetic factors (acne genetic):

As all disease can be genetic from family or if there is twins

2-Emotional stress (acne stress):

In school (so if you have problem in school or homework ask help from your

family and do not wait), social problems, emotional shock all these can make

the problem of acne be bigger.

3-Pressure on skin:

or face by hands especially in acne lesions places can make problem bigger


especially in places of acne (so take care of going under sun or make a lot of

things make you sweat easy)

5-Pre-menstrual changes (hormonal chnages acne):

after age of 40 years , women may develp acne even they never had before

and this because the hormonal changes in these ages.

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