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It is an acute bacterial infection of the skin and tonsillitis. It is more common

in children. It is considered world wide disease (can happen any place of the

world not related to any place even hot or cold climates).

Causes and symptoms of scarlet fever:

Caused by group A beta hemolytic streptococcus

-scarlet fever rash in the chest after 3 days of get the infection

-pink rashes spread to arms and legs

-erythematic (red spots)

-red face or flushing face

-white tongue with red spot (strawberry in color)

scarlet fever tongue rash on arms

is scarlet fever contagious?

like any bacterial skin disease , scarlet fever is contagious as the bacterial

may be in three places:

- mouth

- nose

- throat

so the infected kid or child should be avoide to be near or prolonged contact

scarlet fever vaccine- scarlet fever vaccination:

it wa developed in 1925 early scarlet fever vaccine but no longer use as there

is simple treatment available now

Disease may be misunderstanding with scarlet fever:

-drug eruption

-viral exanthema


-by your dermatologist and using culture and gram stain methods

Scarlet fever signs:

One of the main signs you can see is the oral cavity problems like yellowish white coat on the tongue covering it, with red color and this can be seen easy and called strawberry tongue

The rash of scarlet fever you can see on face, neck and this rash then spread in the 2 days to reach the legs and arms and also affect chest and back

On the bend of elbow and skin folds you see red lines, it is called pastia sign and after healing it sometimes being pigmented (dark line) in color

The rash begin from spread face to chest and hands

Complication of scarlet fever:

Sometimes happen but rare ones like

Otitis media something related to ear problems

Peritonsillar abscess


Pneumonia and it is related to chest, respiratory problem

Acute rheumatic fever and it is related to heart diseases and it is rare one

Some airways obstructions like difficult in swallow foods

And if one of these complications happens you should ask hospitalization

Home remedies for scarlet fever:

There are many tips for home like:

Bed rest is important

Avoid prolonged contact with infected persons

Follow your doctor instructions

Fluid is important for your kid

Clean all home and baby clothes and hands

Don’t share foods

Do not share drinks

Trim kids fingers nails

Treating scarlet fever:

It can be treated by antibiotics like penicillin or erythromycin

Penicillin 250 mg PO qid for 10 days

Eryth­romycin 250 mg PO qid for 10 days in penicillin-allergic patients

Ati pyretic (syrup for fever)

Antihistaminic for itchy rashes

Bed rest is important

Children should not go school to avoid spread of infection between them

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