Last year, when I was 15, I broke out into some moderate to severe acne.

After trying some over the counter products, I went to the dermatologist

who eventually subscribed me some pills that worked wonders in getting rid

of my acne. I had moderate to severe acne for several months before it went


Because of this, my skin has developed some slight scarring and blemishes

from the more severe pimples. It has been almost a full year now since my

acne has gone away and my skin seems to still be healing. Although I am glad

to have clear skin again I am depressed by the scars that I might have to

carry for the rest of my life.

I don’t want to resort to extreme things such as plastic surgery or anything

either, unless it;s my last choice. Those things cost alot and usually have a

long recovery period that I couldn’t really deal with in this time of my life.
I would prefer suggestions of creams or possibly pills.

Also, will the scars heal up anymore without treatment? It’s been less then a

year since the acne went away so I think my skin is still healing, but is it

possible that the scars are just temporary while my skin continues to heal?

Currently I am using some general neutrogena skin care products that help

make my skin feel better and more comfortable, but arn’t specific for acne

scars. I am going to make another appointment with a dermatologist but I

was wondering if any1 here has had similar problems and what they did about

it. The scars aren’t to bad. Any recommendations?


sometimes the cost of treatment make some people can not afford it

so the solutions if not



as they cost alot

there are :

-microdermabrasion and dermabrasion

-creams used to fade simple superficial scars

-chemical peels

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