So im new here, and Im sure this has been brought up plenty of times by

plenty of people. But my doctor has now turned to the last resort for my

acne: accutane. My acne really isn’t severe, I mean its annoying but why

wouldn’t it be. I have blackheads in my nose as well, and other than the actual

pimples/acne spots, i have random just blotchy red blemishes.

But anyway, I’ve heard so many things about accutane that have scared me

so much. All of this stuff about permanent decreased vision, joint pains,

depression, decreased hearing, etc. Well for one, is that stuff permanent? I

assumed they were.

Anyway, I just need some input here…do I need to be scared? Is it worth

taking if I’m 18 years old and my acne isn’t extremely severe? Are the side

effects that terrible? I mean I can live with chapped lips but the others are

scaring me.


accutane is good choice for acne and sometimes to avoid acne scars doctors

do it not just if acne is severe and so every tablets have good effect and bad

effect and the side effect of accutane not big ones as it is taken for just 3

months and you should follow these things to be sure :

-drink your normal need of water every day

-avoid sun exposure as you can

-take healthy food specially in months of accutane

-go every 15 days to check up in hospital where you take the accutane to

know if there is something or not

-use the dose your dermatologist gives you

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