folliculitisFolliculitis: scalp folliculitis, superficial folliculitis, hot tub

folliculitis, pustular folliculitis are types of folliculitis

Folliculitis: One of the bacterial skin diseases caused by infection

such as (staph aureus). It is inflammation of hair follicles. It is

sometimes caused by other things like irritation whatever it is chemical

(related to chemical substances) or physical things like in shaving.

Things that consider risk factors:

1- if there is wound

2- if there is existing dermatitis

3- diabetic patient

4- abscess

5- skin injuries

Types of folliculitis:

There are 2 main types: superficial and deep folliculitis

Superficial folliculitis:

1-acne necrotica

2-steroid acne

3-impetigo of bochhart

4-pseudofolliculitis barbe

5- Others


Deep folliculitis:

1- sycosis barbe

2- pseudomonas folliculitis

3- carbuncle

4- furuncle

5- folliculitis keloidalis

6- others

Superficial folliculitis:

It is common skin condition. As we know folliculitis (fooliculitis,

follicultis) consider inflammation of hair follicles caused by staph aureus. It

is very common on neck and beard . it is also may spread and healing with no

scar (do not leave any marks after treatment).

Site of problems:

1- Head

2- Neck

3 -buttocks (papules or pustules) something like pimples or boils

Types of superficial folliculitis
1- Impetigo of bockhart

1- Common in children

2- on scalp

3- round shape pustules (elevated over skin)


As we do in impetigo with topical antibiotics and systemic antibiotics in

severe cases

2-Acne necrotica:

Folliculitis becoming necrotic (dark dead skin area in the center of papules

and pustules) more common in males

1-healing with small scar

2-treatment: by using antibiotics cream and tablets

3-sometimes we use isotretinoin to avoid scar formation

4-may we use laser treatment for scars

folliculitis scalp:

it is the same as any bacterial skin problems but it has many features:

1- itching

2-boils on scalp

treatment of scalp folliculitis

1-topical antibiotics

2-antifungal shampo or cream too

3-antihistamines for itching scalp

hot tub folliculitis (pseudomonas folliculitis):

this is another term of  folliculitis you can have from the hot tub or swimming

pool use.

it is always:

1- less common

2- any person

3- caused by p. aeruginosa

4- it appears after 3 days of exposure to this organism

symptoms of hot tub folliculitis:

1- erythema

2-  papules

3- pustules

4- sometimes abscess in severe secondary infections

treatment of hot tub folliculitis:

- most cases are self limited

- using oral antibiotic is enough

pustular folliculitis:

1- not common bacterial skin condition

2- pruritic papules and pustules

3- more in men

4- respond in treatment to dapsone

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