Anyone ever had this treatment? might need to get this treatment as all other

tablets and creams have failed,had a bad acne problem on my back for the

last 3 years or so and last year decided to do something about it so i’ve been

to my doctor who’s prescribed me numerous pills to no effect and then was

transfered to a dermatologist a few months ago and the pills he prescribed me

and lotion had no effect and now he’s reccomending Roaccutane saying it’s a

powerfull effective treatment and there may not be another alternative, i’ve

said no just now so he’s prescribed me more pills for the next few months and

i’ve to go back in November where if these new pills also fail then he says

there’s nothing much else he can do for me except Roaccutane,now the

reason i don’t want this is because i’m a very active gym goer and love weight

training and the side effects to this treatment would mean i could no longer

do this while under treatment which he said would be about 4 months and i

just can’t do it as i’ve spent a long time getting in the shape i am just now to

just start from scratch


In medicine or medical field where doctors see many diseases there is 2

types of common disease

acut disease ( take from hours to days)

chronic disease ( from days , months and years)

acne is considered chronic skin problem whic need full care and treatment

between 3 and 6 months. if that acne problem not treated well it will leave

your face or back or shoulder with some brown spot whic is easy to be

treated and scars. the problems with scars if it becomes deep and alot in

numbers this may affect not just you for some months or days it may affect

your life for long years just because you do not follow your dermatologist


so i recommend you to take what doctor said even you sacrifice with some

other benefits and after roaccutane acne treatment you can go back and

complete your course

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