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acne is still the most common skin problem comes to our clinic

specially in the age between 14 and 25 and this skin problem is related to

many causes and most common 2 causes :

1- inflammation

2- hormonal problems and changes

acne treatments:

acne treatments is depend on many things

1- what is the lesion?

2- inflammed or non inflammed

3- mild or moderate or severe

4- age of person: sometimes it comes with old and too young age

5- the cost of this solutions

6- pregnancy

the acne treatments can be one of these:

1- topical acne treatment ( retin a, differin)

2- oral acne (doxycyclin)

3- accutane

these 3 choice for acne treatments is always used by dematologists.

the first choice of acne for long times was retinoids, and we will let you know

some simple infomation on it.

Retinoids (retin a micro, retin a, renova, avita, acne free):

retina a is the first cream used for acne treatments and this family called

retinoids, it is related to vitamin A

Retin a formula:

1-retin a  cream 0.025%, 0.1%, 0.05%

2- retina a gel 0.01%, 0.025%

how it works:

retin a is keratolytic agent works by removing the lesions layer by layer, you

can use it at night by putting the cream of the acne lesions for 20- 30 minutes

then wash the face

which patients can use it:

1- any acne patients

2- rosacea

3- comedones

4- stretch marks

5- non inflammatory acne lesions

retin a side effects

1- pruritis

2- irritation

3- photosensitivity

solutions to avoid retin a side effects:

1- using sunscreen at morning

2- if there is big irritation use it night and stop the other night and so on

3- using non irritating soap to wash face twice daily before applying the


retin a benefits:

1- benefits work after the first 4 weeks

2- good effect on acne

3- comedolytic

4- smoothing agent

it is that good use retin a alone or with another cream:

these days all the dermatologists use retin a combination with another

topical acne cream or with oral antibiotics for more effectivness

what is the difference between retin a 0.1% gel and retin a micro:

retin a micro solutions is little irritant than retin a but with the same effect on

acne lesions.

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