razor bumpsrazor bumps (pesudofolliculitis): razor burn, get rid of razor

bumps or folliculitis is bacterial skin problem can happen by

many things and men should know all about it.

the most 3 common causes of bumps on beard:

1- staph infection

2- shaving bumps

3- injuries to beard

4- wound to beard

so the most common problems when men try to shaving beard is that which

comes from razor shaving  and sometimes the problem from wrong use of  it.

symptoms of razor bumps:

1- bumps

3- inflammation

3- burn or burning sensation

the 3 things can happen with sharing with wrong use of the instruments and

of course not with all men

pesudofolliculitis barbe (razor bumps  of beard)

This is most common in male which folliculitis (boils and pustules appear on

the beard)


1-injuries of skin after shaving

2-injuries or contact with sharp instruments on beard or bumps on neck

what the bumps look like:

You can see many papules and pustules in the jaw and beard area and

sometimes be large and cause hyperpigmentation and scars

razor burn bumps prevention:

1- using suitable razor or instrument fit your skin

2- try to shave when you hair is long enough

3- do not shave while there is inflammation

4- wash your face by water gently before shaving to remove any dirt or dust

5- try it carefully

pseudofolliculitis barbae treatment ( razor bumps treatment):

the treatment of razor bumps pass through 3 steps

if there is just inflammation

1-avoid shaving for not less than 1 month

2-using calm cream to relief the redness and the burning sensation

3- using sunscreen when exposure to sun to do not increase the burn

if there is big bumps:

1- avoid shaving till cure

2- using antibiotic cream

3- oral antibiotics for multiple (several bumps)

if these bumps leave dark or brown spots:

1- using panthen contaaining cream

2- using peeling cream if the spot be for more than 3 months

3- sometimes we need to use laser for scar if it happens

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