Quick question, I know that many find milk to be the culprit for their acne. I

have recently found out the mild does contribute to my flare ups. I wanted to

know does organic soymilk do the same? Any replies are greatly



till now and as we are in 2010 no one have proved acne is related to food or

there is food cause acne and most of report and scientific papers said they

collect 2000 people or patient and find some worse of acne of some types of

food (we should know acne may be worse with it is normal cousre)

and other said nothing happen

so it is still mstery and no one give big answer

but some doctors recommend to have caution

-do not have excesive food that may be play role in make acne worse like :

choclates and fat food ( eat what you need as you do not exaggerate)

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