I hate birth control pills and have terrible side effects from them, so I lied to

my derm and told him I am taking generic ortho tri-cyclen to get him to

prescribe me spironolactone. (For some reason he insists I have to be on

bcps to take spiro. I know there are risks if you get pregnant, but there are

other birth control methods, so I think he just is holding fast to some old way

of doing things.)
Anyway, he gave me 30 days worth of spiro and said to come back in a month

to have my blood and bp checked. As far as I know the blood work will just be

to test for potassium levels, but is there any way he can tell from a blood test

that I’m not really on the ortho tri-cyclen?


spironolactone is for late onset acne

with age over 25

and sometimes with woman over 40

spironolactone reduce sebum production

but it is contraindicated in pregnant women as it cause very bad effect on

fetus with its feminization effect

some test should be done

for pottasium level

if you are over 40 some serum electrolytes should be monitored

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