ive had this weird skin problem that has been developing over the years. it

started when i was 15 on my arms like little white dots and sometimes black

dots and i would pick at them, they would come out like regular pimples on

the face. whiteheads and blackheads. eventually they spread from my arms

to my chest and now they’re all over my chest. it’s disgusting and

embarrassing, i can’t wear tshirts or low cut shirts and i’ve been to many skin

doctors. they all tell me it’s the same thing, acne and they prescribe

medicated creams and even antibiotics but nothing works. i tend to pick at

my skin so it makes it worse. some of the whiteheads are forming scars and

brown patches of skin where the scarring is occurring. they’re not soft

pimples, but hard and sometimes they form bigger pimples that if i pick at

will bleed and leave marks afterwards. they seem to spread quickly too. i’ve

been tested for allergies and i;ve had routine blood tests, nothing is wrong. i

do have hypothyroidism and an allergy to ragweed but that’s all i can think

of. i’m slightly overweight but i havent had a doctor tell me that’s the problem

too. i dont know what to do and i’m really shameful of my skin, i want it to be

smooth and pimple free… any ideas, suggestions, thoughts?

ps one doctor told me this was the way my skin was and it’d always be like

this! i couldn’t even believe her!


sometimes with big problems with acne or prolonged non respond acne with

treatment we use combination

accutane with other systemic oral antibiotics

and the natural acne care and this to complete the treatment

it i sno that difficult to acne to be treated but the problem when patient

change the treatment by her or his won not by the dermatologist and another

thins is the course of the treatment from 3 to 6 months if you stop any days

you will like you never begin

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