Is pore size purely genetic? I have never had “big” blemishes but as i enter my

late twenties 80% of my face is slightly bumpy with barely there acne…it

seems like every pore on my face can be squeezed and you get a tad bit of

white stuff. No treatment seems to do much and my pores seem to rapidly be

getting so much bigger! I use the Acne Free line, retin a & antibiotics were not

effective. I cant afford accutane and started taking generic Vitamin A, but i

really doubt it does anything for the acne. Any treatment suggestions?


sometimes when disease related to hormonal it may also related to genetics

as we always pass in hormonal changes in our life but some of us suffer from

acne and that may also because of the sebaceous glands of their skin and for

treatment fo acne and option you can have in the late 20

some doctors recommend

spironolactone for women over 25 as it is very good for this age

of course with some side effect as all drugs like :

-menstural irrigularities



with the topical antibiotics of acne  and if the retin A do not give you any

response you should ask your dermatologist for alternative one like differin

or benzoyl peroxide and know the dose from you doctor nd follow doctor

always and you should know another things

treatment from 3 to 6 months

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