pitted keratolysis

It is one of the bacterial skin diseases. It is considered superficial skin

problem. It is caused mainly by conrynebacterium as cutaneous skin

infection specially in the sole area.

Who will be affected?

-Affect any age

- Both female and male

-World wide disease

-Can be found in all countries


-large number of superficial erosion pitted areas in the sole

-small in size lesions

-rounded lesions all over the sole

-bad odor

-hyperhidrosis of sole (excessive sweating)

pitted keratolysis


-by dermatologist

Treatment: pitted keratolysis remedy

-Use proper footwear

-topical antibiotics with oral antibiotics

-treatment of hyperhidrosis

-some doctors use keratolytic agent


Is very good and take between 20 and 30 days

pitted keratolysis treatment at home:

sure you can treatment pitted keratolysis at home but we prefer you do it

after visisting your dermatologist to advise you be the simple tips to care of

your foot as the treatment is simple

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