pimples types

pimples: on scalp, pimples on buttocks, pimples on face, pimples

on arms. all these are related to one term pimples.

pimples (acne) is the most common skin problem and as we mention before

acne has many names and many classifications and when patient suffers from

it and go to clinic or hospital to check it the doctor will always look first for

many things before give the patient the treatment which fit him or her as

there many routine examination should pass through them to can help

doctor to give the best treatment for acne, the most accurate and the most

effective ones and these things will be like

pimples (acne) diagnosis:

doctor ask for any psychological impact or emotional stress or

family history

Clinical examination:

doctor examine the patient and see the lesion and

places of it   to can know it is acne or not

What lesion you can see in pimples (acne):-





Pimples types:

According to inflammation it is dividing into 2 groups:-

Non- inflamed lesions


Black heads

(open comedones) and the black color due to melanin

White heads

(closed comedones)

Inflamed lesion

may be superficial like papules and pustules and deep

lesion like pustules and nodule

According to acne (pimples) severity:
Mild pimples:

few comedones plus few pustules and papules with no nodules

Moderate pimples:

a lot of comedones plus many papules, pustules and few nodules

Sever pimples:

a lot of papules, pustules and many nodules

Acne (pimples) classification (other names of acne)

Many studies and conferences about acne give many classifications and

types according to many reasons like the way of occurring, the age,

environement and other things and we can conclude all these studies and in

the coming list of most famous names in:

1-Acne vulgaris (most common name between all people)

2-Acne fulminans

3-Acne tropicalis

4-Acne excoree des jeunes filles

5-Acne conglobata

6-Acne cosmetica

7-Acne mechanica

8-Neonatal acne

9-Infantile acne

And we will explain each type of these name and other related names like:

1-Perioral dermatitis

2-Pyoderma faciale

3-Occupational acne

4-Drug induced acne


6-Lupus miliaris

Pimples places in body:

A lot of question always come about which places more common inpimples

and what  most difficult ones to treat and as acne is related to sebaceous

glands or units and the places come with large size and numbers of these

units will be the most places acne can affect and the severity of acne to be

mild, moderate or sever not always depend on the site which acne appear on

your body and many factors from genetic to hormonal changes and even

your way of living with that skin problem can play an important role on this

and the most places is:

Pimples on face and scalp:

one of the biggest problem when comes to face as it is the first impression of

your look and beauty and always all people be shy to have this problem when

it be sever on face and on the scalp butbe aware may it be similar to

folliculits which be ithcy pustules.

pimples face

Pimples on chest:

second place to find it and it is not simple and needs good treatment

Pimples on back:

common place also like chest in the same difficulty and treatment, also it may

spread to most of the back not limited places

Pimples on shoulders and arms:

And it varies from one person to another and from girls to boys and can

affect their life a lot especially with one on face. the most common site upper

arms and shoulders.

Pimples on legs and buttocks:

most of these places show little pimples or acne except if there is another skin

problem and not acne .

Diseases similar to pimples (acne):

Acne (pimples) is disease can be examined by a dermatologist not any one as

there are some disease may show some symptoms or lesions like what acne

have but there is always some differences between these disease or problems

with acne and when you go to you doctor who is specialized in skin problems

will so easy know it is acne or not as not any pimples or lesion on face must

be acne vulgaris and these disease is rosacea, perioral dermatitis,

pseudofolliculitis barbae, chemical acne, milia, and zinc deficiency problems.

1- Rosacea:

this skin problem can be different from acne by its location by affecting

central third of face, the shape of lesion, and there is associating with

telangiectasia and rhinophyma

2- Perioral dermatitis:

around the oral areas with no comedones

3- Pseudofolliculitis barbae:

the pustules found in beard area

4- Chemical acne:

in the places exposed to these chemicals

5- Milia:

can cause mis diagnosed with white heads but more whiter and not in the

same places like acne

6- Zinc deficiency problems:

can see I just blood diseases patient as zinc can found in most types of food

And your doctor can easy know the difference between them as he used to

see many cases and patients with that skin conditions and can let you know

what exactly you have acne or just another skin problems as it is so

important to have the right diagnosis to can have the best treatment

available to this skin condition

Does Toothpaste Get Rid of Pimples :

pimples is due some hormonal changes as it is acne chronic problem , not like

bacterial infections, toothpathe may be relief the pimples shape and

inflammation if put for few minutes then wash as it works as anti-bacterial

agent but it can cause dryness, irritation and also inflammation if putting it

long times, so we can conclude that it is just trials by many peoples to getting

rid of their pimples .

getting rid of pimples :

the proper way to get rid of pimples is through your dermatologist and the

treatment may vary and this can be:

1- topical acne treatment

2- systemic oral tablets

3- laser and phototherapy

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