photochemotherapyIt is one of the methods in the treatment of some dermatological diseases. It

is combination treatment which consists of psoralen and ultraviolet A (UVA).

PUVA and skin diseases:

Photochemotherapy can be used in a lot of skin problems like:

1- Vitiligo

2- Psoriasis

3- Atopic eczema

4- Sarcoidosis

5- Pruritus

6- Urticaria pigmentosa

7- Chronic actinic dermatitis

8- Solar urticaria

9- Scleromyxedema

10- Ichthyosis

11- Liver diseases caused itching

12- Prurigo nodularis

13- Mycosis fungoides

Side effects of PUVA (Photochemotherapy):

1- Sunburns: it can have burn after the treatment and so the dermatologist

should change the dose of UV and using moisturizers and calm lotions to

reduce the burn effect.

2- Nausea: due to using psoralen some patients have this symptom.

3- Itching: it is so common after every treatment with PUVA and with limits,

Doctors can use calm lotions for it.

4- Tanning: long time using of PUVA can cause tanning of the skin.

5- Dryness: using for long time make the skin more drier.

6- Dryness of eye if it is not protected while the treatment.

7-systemic problems to kidney and liver.

8- Vomiting

9-  GIT (stomach problems with food)

10- Hepatotoxic specially with people used hepatotoxic drugs.

11-Leukoderma with long term therapy

Patients under PUVA treatment should do the following:

1- Liver function test

2- Complete blood picture

3- Renal function test

4- Eye examination

5- Skin examination for skin cancer

Patient education:

1- Take the psoralen dose carefully

2- Take the dose 2 hours before treatment with UV or with the supervision of

the dermatologist.

3- Avoid sun exposure after treatment

4- Take care of your eye protection

5- Using sunscreen when always go out during sunny days

6- Using calm lotions if itching

7- Wear protective eyewear

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