Here’s my background. Like so many people on here, I have the dreaded

oily/flaky skin combo. I have overactive sebaceous glands, so I breakout

from the excess oil (i get cysts but usually only a couple at a time). At the

same time, the excess oil causes a condition called seborrheic dermatitis,

which looks like dry flaky skin (but is actually a reaction to fungus that feeds

on the oil). So i end up with irritated, dry, flaky oily skin all the same time, it’s

awful. People with this skin type usually have very sensitive skin as well. So if

you treat the acne with topical treatments you aggravate the dermatitis, and

vica versa.

My question is, has anyone used accutane to treat this skin-type, and what

were the results? My reasoning is that since the seb-derm is caused by excess

oil, accutane should reduce the oil and thus prevent the seb-derm, and

obviously it’s good for acne. I found a couple of studies quoted in the

american journal of medicine done in other countries that propose using low

-dose accutane as a solution for this skin-type. I started accutane about a

month ago, and unfortunately had to stop about 3 weeks into my treamtent

because I started losing hair.

I’m curious if anyone else has tried this as a solution to the oily/flaky skin?

Did this aggravate the seb-derm at first (since it dries out your skin…it

aggravated mine)? Was the seb-derm better after you came off the accutane

than before you started?

If this is a solution I’m willing to risk the loss of hair, because I can’t take all

the itching from the seb-derm and the pain and self-consciousness from the



one of accutane problem is alopecia or hair loss

but the good is it is treatment acne well

but if you do not wanna use it

try some other products available like :

-combined topical acne care (retin a, benzoyl peroxide,differin)

-systemic (oral doxycycline,clindamycine)

all are under supervision of your dermatologist

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