Impetigo in adults-kids-nonbullous impetigo contagiosa-pictures

- causes and treatment all these terms realated

to one skin problem called impetigo. One of the most common skin diseases

always seen in kids and young girls and boys and a lot of cases of these skin

infections comes between age 3 and 14 as we always see in the clinic and

these kids come with lesion on face specially in hot weather in summer and

with poor personal hygiene and this common in poor country too with bad

environment and these lesions can be treated so easy and the treatment is

available in the market in many product names

Causes of impetigo

This bacterial skin disease caused by:

- Staphylococcus aureus

- group A beta hemolytic streptococci

Types of impetigo

1-bullous impetigo (staphylococcal impetigo)

2-non bullous impetigo (impetigo contagiosa)

Non bullous impetigo (impetigo contagiosa) in adults:

This is the second common type of impetigo in kids and young girls and boys

and can affect men and women in any age too caused with staphylococcal

aureus in hot weather countries and in preschool kids  with poor personal

hygiene and caused by direct skin contact with duration usually days

Causes of impetigo in adults

-staphylococcus aureus

Things make it appears more:

1-bad hygiene environment

2-crowded living condition

3-hot weather places

4-sweating in sport activities

5-contamination of clothes

6-bad personal cleaning

what impetigo looks like and symptoms of non bullous impetigo

1-thin vesicles or pustules ruptures and make honey crusted papules and


2-may see pruritus

3-may be enlargement of lymph nodes

4-more common on face around nose and mouth

5-may affect scalp, buttocks, legs and arms

Subtypes of nonbullous impetigo

1-circinate impetigo

2-crusted impetigo

Treatment of non bullous impetigo (impetigo contagiosa )

1-avoid the things that help in its appearance

2-bad hygiene environment

3-cleaning well after sport activities

4-using clean towels

5- Removal of the crusts

6-with warm olive oil especially with crust on scalp you can have piece of

cotton with warm olive oil and then remove the crust slowly .

7-potassium permanganate 1/8000 compresses.

8-topical antibiotics

-mupirocin 2%

-fusidic acid 2%

-gentamycin 0.1%

9-systemic antibiotic

-in case of severe infection

Diagnosis of impetigo:

With dermatologist from the clinical signs and symptoms

Treatment of impetigo as general

-topical antibiotic and systemic antibiotic

-preventive measures

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