I just wanted to pass on my latest discovery re me having AWFUL acne for

well over one year now. I have always had spots, some years worse than

others but for the last 1.5 years my neck and jaw line has been a mess. Polo

necks for one year. Well, I now know what the problem was. MEAT. Today we

are eating foods and not questioning what is going into it. Today our meat

and chicken is pumped with hormones and believe it or not this is the

problem. The hormones in the meat was coming out on my face. Now I only

eat organic beef/chicken and if I do lapse and eat some regular hormone

infected meat I have spot/lumps appear that night and for the next few days.

I hope this helps somebody, I have tested this on me for the last few months

and its FACT. Another topic but I think the hormones in food are why so

many women are losing their hair these days too…Think about it!


not correct as all eat alot of food and you should buy from store you trust

and acne develop for some people who are liable to that disease

and eating any food contains sugar or fats may make acne worse but still not

clear with no evidence

it will take long till it proved with someone

acne treatment can be acheived with your dermatologist

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