I’ve been using Duac in the AM and Differin at PM for about 2.5 weeks. Today,

a few hours after I put on my Duac, my face and neck are tingling like crazy

and my face feels super cold, like a burning cold. Has this happened to

anyone else? I am so freaked out! I took a shower and washed my face with

Cetaphil a few hours after putting it on, and it still feels cold and tingles! My

face doesn’t look red or swollen.


duac is one of acne treatment with clindamycin and bezoyl peroxide formula

differin is the one of topical retinoid used in treatment of sensitive skin with

acne and in cold climates

and what you feel is not big problem may it is noramal reaction of your skin

to these products and if that symptoms last for 72 hours you should visit

your dermatologit to see it

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