i have flesh coloured very tiny bumps on my forehead (in front part of

forehead).my whole face is itchy,wherever i itch on my face a tiny bump pops

out and then disappears after some time.those bumps on my forehead stay

for a day then shed off on their own.right now my skin of under-eyes is very

itchy.and tiny,minute bumps have come on its surface,it is not red at all.i m

17 female.right now i am going through medications of viral infection,plz



what you told is seems to be not acne but you have to consult your

dermatologist to see it

it may be some urticaria

it may be some boils

it may be bacterial skin disease

it may be milia

it may be dermatitis

there are many things can cause itchy face

even there is somethiong called actinic lichen

so the dermatologist who can see it is the only one can diagnose it

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