Well, our journey began on Friday, Sept 4th. Our health insurance accepted

the preauth for Accutane (Amnesteem) 40mg to start and we are now on our

journey. 4 days in and we don’t expect much as of now. I did a ton of

research and found that the first 1-2 months are hard, months 3-5 (possibly

6) get better. My biggest concerns were that I try to make the side effects

tolerable for him and remind him that this is temporay. Our research

revealed the following: for his lips, Aquaphor healing ointment for lips and

skin when it gets really bad. It’s very thick like Vasoline so it’s not

comfortable to use as this point. . . I am still looking for a light moisterizer to

use on his face right now, in hope of prolonging the severely dry patches I hear about.
His back and chest are just the worst! They seem to have gotten really bad

the 2 weeks prior to our Dermatology appointment. I swear they look like

leisions. His Dermatologist says that body acne is usually the last to heal.
We’ve tried so many things, Pro-Active (which made it worse) OTC cleansers

and facials. . . scrubs, masks, prescription pills and creams. Accutane was the

next step. I was very worried but when my son and I did the research, it

seems to make the best sense. He’s actually only 12 for the next 20 days, and

I was concerned because most of the cases I read about Accutane users

where people 16-25. I am fortunate enough that he is a male and I don’t have

to worry about the birth defects factor. . . although, to lighten the mood, I

will randomly ask him if he’s sure he’s not pregnant. . I think this will change

once his face clears up. He has beautiful dark hair and brillant blue eyes. . .

he’ll be a heart breaker.
I hope to keep this log and I hope that others will benefit from it too. I

welcome any helpful suggestions and words of encouragement.


accutane has many side effect and s your son still young and your dermatologist advise you it will have some side effect but not great ones

and you should follow these

-take noraml amout of water intake every day

-healthy food

-some sport will be good

-walk in nice healthy air

-check up every 15 days for liver function test and lipid profile

- do not use or exceed the dose that your dermatologist gives you

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