molluscum contagiosumIt is one of the viral skin diseases. It is common viral skin problems

especially in kids and young is caused by molluscum

contagiosum virus. It is type of double stranded DNA virus.

Who will be infected?

-young children and kids

-both male and female

-world wide disease (can happen in all countries)

-using of infected towels

-using of swimming pool (with the virus)

-people with atopic dermatitis (show spread of infection)

-immunocomprised patient (show resistance to treatment)

- The infection begin from month to 3months of infection with other person

or contact

Symptoms of molluscum (moluscum) contagiosum:

-small papules

-pearly white lesions

-same color of skin

Smooth surface with umbilicated center of the papule

-no pain but may show some itching

molluscum contagiosum in children pictures and photos:

in the next photos we see the molluscum contagiosum lesions in children

molluscum photo molluscum contagiosum

Site of infection:

-mainly trunk in young children

-arms and legs

-abdominal area and thigh in adult people

-some cases may be (mouse, lips, tongue)


-by dermatologist

-microscopic examination



molluscum contagiosum treatment:

As we know molluscum contagiosum is a viral skin disease and can be happen

by long contact with infected person. It may also happen in any age but the

common age of it is young children. The treatment of this skin problem can

vary from doctor to doctor. There are a lot of methods of treatment:


Using some procedures to curettage the lesion but some times it caused pin

point bleeding, so doctor use after curettage an agent to stop bleeding like

coldness of the site of this bleeding

2- Molluscum contagiosum Cryotherapy:

Using agent for freezing of the lesion for 15 seconds by tube or spray agent

for this method

-most common




-need 4 or 5 session

3- Tretinoin 0.1% cream (Retin A) (Molluscum contagiosum cream)

Using of this topical cream for twice /day will give so good result as it work

by remove layer by layer of this lesion and will take almost 15 days to give

the good result .

4- Laser

Some doctors used laser in the treatment of molluscum contagiosum virus. It

takes one session without scar.

There are some other methods but what we mention above is the most

common ones and who doctor use and the result is good.

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