moisturizer workMoisturizer: skin hydration is so important for healthy skin. in

our daily life we face many environmental difficulties like bad

weather conditions. there are some diseases that work against our healthy

skin by making it dry like psoriasis. in our skin body there is something called

natural moisturizing factor and these factors keep skin smooth and healthy

hydrated one.

The composition of Natural Moisturizing Factor:

Free amino acids : 40%

pyrrolidone carboxylic acid: 12%

lactate: 12%

Sugars: 8.5%

Urea: 7%

Chloride: 6%

Sodium: 5%

Potassium: 4%

Ammnia,uric acid ,creatine: 1.5%

Calcium: 1.5%

Magnesium: 1.5%

Phosphate: 0.5%

Citrate and Formate: 0.5%

all of these componet have the different role and all roles comes with one

result which is hyration of skin .

How then moisturizer works:

is that agent using to increase the water content in  the stratum corneum

(outer layer of skin)

Moisturizer work by:

using the active ingredients of occlusive agents to keep water content and

humectant agents .These ingredients like the same natural skin moisturizing

factors mentioned above .

occlusive agents in moisturizer:

work to prevent water loss and decrease transepidermal water loss . it aslo

help in restoring the lipid barrier of skin which is important for skin

hydration. there are many occlusive agent like beeswax and lanolins.

Humectant agents in moisturizer:

work to attract water to skin. the water from the deeper dermis. the skin

becomes more resistant to drying conditions. these agents are  amino acids,

lactic acids and glycerol.

Moisturizer with lipid substances:

these ones work like they have the normal skin lipids (cholesterol, fatty acids

and ceramides) which keep skin water content and prevent its loss .

Moisturizer with other ingredients:

work to improve skin softness and lubricating skin. moisturizer with water

can use water to work as skin hydrating agent for healthy skin

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