miliaria rubramiliaria profunda or miliaria rubra is the other subtypes of heat rash or what

we call sweat rash and it  is a common skin problem that occurred after

prolonged exposure to heat or overheating, leading to sweating and

obstruction of sweat  ducts something related to seawt glands specially in

summer days

Causes of miliaria:

Miliaria results from sweat retention caused by partial closure of eccrine


who can be affected with miliaria?

infants more than any age

Time of miliaria comes to infants:

usually appears during the first month of life

Types of miliaria

1- Miliaria crystallina

2- Miliaria rubra

3- Miliaria profunda

places in body can have miliaria

miliaria or sweat rash can appear in:

1- all body

2- miliaria groin area

3- miliaria between legs

what miliaria look like?

small tiny vesicles in miliaria crystallina and vesicles with erythema in

miliaria rubra

miliaria rubra photos:

infant with small vesicles surrounded by red area

miliaria rubra

Treatment of miliaria (profunda or rubra)

1- avoid over heat

2- coolign baths

3- air conditioning

4- do not waer excess clothing

5- calm lotions and creams

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