So after get rid of this bad pimple I had, it healed up a couple days later but

then it started to peel off. Now I have this pinkish colored mark under my

lower lip.I’m new at the whole acne and skin thing so I’m not really sure if it’s

just a red mark or scar I’ve been using Neutrogena Marks Treatment for

maybe a month now but it doesnt help much.Is there any way to get rid of it?


if it comes to be brown spot it will not take long and then gone by using

panthen or cream that have peels effect and sure you can do it with your

dermatologist and then care of area that peel with using sunscreen and avoid

sun exposure

- do not use perfume

-avoid eating apple with hands and touch your kin cut it and then eat

-take Vit c juice every day

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