tickwhat is lyme disease?  lyme diseases test), symptoms of lyme disease and

lyme disease treatment. lyme (lymes) disease is consider

bacterial skin problem caused by tick transmitted disease

causes of lyme disease:

1- B.burgdorferi

2- transmitted by tick bites

3- disease take 30 to appear as maximum period and it can appear before


who can be affected?

1- kids under 15 years

2- women and men are same

3- adult after 20 years till 40 years

site of lyme disease tick bites:

there are some common places which indicates tick bite:

1- axilla

2- groin

3- chest

4- trunck

lyme disease symptoms

there are many symptoms of this skin problems like:

A-lyme disease rash

1- erythema chronicum migrans (erytheramatous ring lesion)

2- some other common skin lesions like:

- lyme disease rash

- urticaria

- fever

- malaise

- fatigue

- headache

B- systemic problems (related to other organs):

1- heart problems

2- neurological problems

3- lymphocytoma

4- arhtritis

lyme disease test:

- clinical investigation

- serological tested by elisa and western blot

lyme disease treatment:

1- avoid places where ticks

2- lyme disease vaccine

3- antibitotic in the early detection of disease is of a good result

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